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Growth is essential for funding new investments, bringing in assets and making your company appealing for talented workforce. The pathway to sustainable profitable growth lies in fully understanding markets, customers, competitors and the organizational capabilities. Through our fact-based analysis we create actionable growth strategies and support their implementation.


The Challenge:

The race for the customer has changed dramatically. Companies face significant changes in traditional approaches to customer growth efforts such as acquisition, engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Consumer expectations have risen sharply and continue to rise at an unprecedented pace.
  • Customers are switching from one brand to another in record numbers – the threat is not to underestimate
  • Customers have become less willing to share information and are not concerned about exiting relationships

In order to respond to the shift in power to the customer and the decreasing duration of competitive advantage, we believe that companies need to find growth in three primary areas: New offerings, new customers and new places.

  1. New offerings: Driving incremental sales & margin from existing customer base via products and services that create value
  2. New customers: Innovative engagement and acquisition of new customer segments via multichannel customer experiences, social CRM and digital transformation
  3. New places: Extending geographic footprint by driving local and global market growth


Our Solution:

Our solution is the right choice for you, if you’re looking to:

  • Implement a strategy of growth and market expansion
  • Increase top- and bottom-line performance
  • Maximize revenues while reducing costs
  • Optimize your customer and product portfolio
  • Improve your customer and product profitability
  • Strengthen your competitive positioning and pricing management

We help you uncover growth opportunities based on an analytical approach:

  1. Definition of growth areas through high-level assessment of your current position and external conditions: We examine your business portfolio, assess how well you meet customer needs, scan ideas that exist in your own organization, analyze prior failures, identify ideas that may be adopted from competitors and identify areas through your customer experience analysis.
  2. Identification and selection of growth opportunities: We identify most promising growth opportunities (long-list) through a market deep dive for each defined growth area (outside-in analysis) and an assessment of internal opportunity generation potential (inside-out analysis). As a next step we perform a qualification process for each identified growth opportunity by looking at their value potential. We down select qualified opportunities (short-list) based on capability gaps and their ease of implementation.
  3. Implementation preparation: Upon opportunity qualification we prepare a detailed business plan and an implementation plan for each short-listed growth initiative. The final step in this phase is to aggregate individual growth projects into an integrated growth roadmap that is deeply “anchored” in your organization.
  4. Execution: After the roadmap sign-off we help you to orchestrate all implementation activities from operating model and market offering preparation to market roll-out.


Our Value Proposition:

  • Modular approach: We start with a growth assessment before developing and executing a growth strategy
  • Structured methodology – We conduct a fact-based internal/external analysis and develop a customized growth plan
  • Customer centricity – We focus on value creation for your customers
  • Operational and target-oriented focus and experience that ensures a successful implementation
  • Knowledge of creating and implementing growth and go-to-market strategies in multiple international client engagements
  • Local presence and knowledge of various industries, international markets and regulations